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Alaska Zip Codes
Zip Code
99501 zip code AnchorageAlaskaAnchorage16211
99502 zip code AnchorageAlaskaAnchorage18626
99503 zip code AnchorageAlaskaAnchorage13847
99504 zip code AnchorageAlaskaAnchorage37284
99505 zip code Fort RichardsonAlaskaAnchorage5322
99506 zip code Elmendorf AFBAlaskaAnchorage6621
99507 zip code AnchorageAlaskaAnchorage27442
99508 zip code AnchorageAlaskaAnchorage33897
99509 zip code AnchorageAlaskaAnchorage-
99510 zip code AnchorageAlaskaAnchorage-
99511 zip code AnchorageAlaskaAnchorage-
99512 zip code AnchorageAlaskaAnchorage-
99513 zip code AnchorageAlaskaAnchorage268
99514 zip code AnchorageAlaskaAnchorage-
99515 zip code AnchorageAlaskaAnchorage21307
99516 zip code AnchorageAlaskaAnchorage21546
99517 zip code AnchorageAlaskaAnchorage16696
99518 zip code AnchorageAlaskaAnchorage9245
99519 zip code AnchorageAlaskaAnchorage-
99520 zip code AnchorageAlaskaAnchorage-
99521 zip code AnchorageAlaskaAnchorage-
99522 zip code AnchorageAlaskaAnchorage-
99523 zip code AnchorageAlaskaAnchorage-
99524 zip code AnchorageAlaskaAnchorage-
99540 zip code IndianAlaskaAnchorage237
99546 zip code AdakAlaskaAleutians West316
99547 zip code AtkaAlaskaAleutians West92
99548 zip code Chignik LakeAlaskaLake and Peninsula142
99549 zip code Port HeidenAlaskaLake and Peninsula119
99550 zip code Port LionsAlaskaKodiak Island270
99551 zip code AkiachakAlaskaBethel585
99552 zip code AkiakAlaskaBethel309
99553 zip code AkutanAlaskaAleutians East713
99554 zip code AlakanukAlaskaWade Hampton652
99555 zip code AleknagikAlaskaDillingham221
99556 zip code Anchor PointAlaskaKenai Peninsula2417
99557 zip code AniakAlaskaBethel768
99558 zip code AnvikAlaskaYukon Koyukuk104
99559 zip code BethelAlaskaBethel6896
99561 zip code ChefornakAlaskaBethel394
99563 zip code ChevakAlaskaWade Hampton768
99564 zip code ChignikAlaskaLake and Peninsula79
99565 zip code Chignik LagoonAlaskaLake and Peninsula103
99566 zip code ChitinaAlaskaValdez Cordova149
99567 zip code ChugiakAlaskaAnchorage7665
99568 zip code Clam GulchAlaskaKenai Peninsula263
99569 zip code Clarks PointAlaskaDillingham75
99571 zip code Cold BayAlaskaAleutians East171
99572 zip code Cooper LandingAlaskaKenai Peninsula369
99573 zip code Copper CenterAlaskaValdez Cordova1211
99574 zip code CordovaAlaskaValdez Cordova2564
99575 zip code Crooked CreekAlaskaBethel137
99576 zip code DillinghamAlaskaDillingham2809
99577 zip code Eagle RiverAlaskaAnchorage22231
99578 zip code EekAlaskaBethel280
99579 zip code EgegikAlaskaLake and Peninsula117
99580 zip code EkwokAlaskaDillingham130
99581 zip code EmmonakAlaskaWade Hampton768
99583 zip code False PassAlaskaAleutians East64
99584 zip code FlatAlaskaYukon Koyukuk-
99585 zip code MarshallAlaskaWade Hampton349
99586 zip code GakonaAlaskaValdez Cordova609
99587 zip code GirdwoodAlaskaAnchorage1817
99588 zip code GlennallenAlaskaValdez Cordova1189
99589 zip code Goodnews BayAlaskaBethel232
99590 zip code GraylingAlaskaYukon Koyukuk194
99591 zip code Saint George IslandAlaskaAleutians West152
99599 zip code AnchorageAlaskaAnchorage-
99602 zip code Holy CrossAlaskaYukon Koyukuk227
99603 zip code HomerAlaskaKenai Peninsula8534
99604 zip code Hooper BayAlaskaWade Hampton1014
99605 zip code HopeAlaskaKenai Peninsula155
99606 zip code IliamnaAlaskaLake and Peninsula444
99607 zip code KalskagAlaskaBethel230
99608 zip code KarlukAlaskaKodiak Island27
99609 zip code KasiglukAlaskaBethel543
99610 zip code KasilofAlaskaKenai Peninsula1588
99611 zip code KenaiAlaskaKenai Peninsula12059
99612 zip code King CoveAlaskaAleutians East792
99613 zip code King SalmonAlaskaBristol Bay443
99614 zip code KipnukAlaskaBethel644
99615 zip code KodiakAlaskaKodiak Island12987
99619 zip code KodiakAlaskaKodiak Island-
99620 zip code KotlikAlaskaWade Hampton591
99621 zip code KwethlukAlaskaBethel713
99622 zip code KwigillingokAlaskaBethel338
99624 zip code Larsen BayAlaskaKodiak Island115
99625 zip code LevelockAlaskaLake and Peninsula123
99626 zip code Lower KalskagAlaskaBethel267
99627 zip code Mc GrathAlaskaYukon Koyukuk401
99628 zip code ManokotakAlaskaDillingham399
99630 zip code MekoryukAlaskaBethel210
99631 zip code Moose PassAlaskaKenai Peninsula221
99632 zip code Mountain VillageAlaskaWade Hampton755
99633 zip code NaknekAlaskaBristol Bay678
99634 zip code NapakiakAlaskaBethel353
99635 zip code NikiskiAlaskaKenai Peninsula1041
99636 zip code New StuyahokAlaskaDillingham471
99637 zip code Toksook BayAlaskaBethel532
99638 zip code NikolskiAlaskaAleutians West39
99639 zip code NinilchikAlaskaKenai Peninsula1001
99640 zip code NondaltonAlaskaLake and Peninsula221
99641 zip code NunapitchukAlaskaBethel466
99643 zip code Old HarborAlaskaKodiak Island237
99644 zip code OuzinkieAlaskaKodiak Island244
99645 zip code PalmerAlaskaMatanuska Susitna18880
99647 zip code Pedro BayAlaskaLake and Peninsula50
99648 zip code PerryvilleAlaskaLake and Peninsula112
99649 zip code Pilot PointAlaskaLake and Peninsula111
99650 zip code Pilot StationAlaskaWade Hampton550
99651 zip code PlatinumAlaskaBethel41
99652 zip code Big LakeAlaskaMatanuska Susitna3535
99653 zip code Port AlsworthAlaskaLake and Peninsula124
99654 zip code WasillaAlaskaMatanuska Susitna31034
99655 zip code QuinhagakAlaskaBethel557
99656 zip code Red DevilAlaskaBethel55
99657 zip code Russian MissionAlaskaWade Hampton311
99658 zip code Saint MarysAlaskaWade Hampton624
99659 zip code Saint MichaelAlaskaNome368
99660 zip code Saint Paul IslandAlaskaAleutians West532
99661 zip code Sand PointAlaskaAleutians East953
99662 zip code Scammon BayAlaskaWade Hampton467
99663 zip code SeldoviaAlaskaKenai Peninsula787
99664 zip code SewardAlaskaKenai Peninsula4840
99665 zip code ShagelukAlaskaYukon Koyukuk129
99666 zip code Nunam IquaAlaskaWade Hampton166
99667 zip code SkwentnaAlaskaMatanuska Susitna161
99668 zip code SleetmuteAlaskaBethel100
99669 zip code SoldotnaAlaskaKenai Peninsula13841
99670 zip code South NaknekAlaskaBristol Bay137
99671 zip code StebbinsAlaskaNome547
99672 zip code SterlingAlaskaKenai Peninsula2319
99674 zip code SuttonAlaskaMatanuska Susitna898
99675 zip code TakotnaAlaskaYukon Koyukuk50
99676 zip code TalkeetnaAlaskaMatanuska Susitna1306
99677 zip code TatitlekAlaskaValdez Cordova107
99678 zip code TogiakAlaskaDillingham810
99679 zip code TuluksakAlaskaBethel428
99680 zip code TuntutuliakAlaskaBethel370
99681 zip code TununakAlaskaBethel325
99682 zip code TyonekAlaskaKenai Peninsula193
99683 zip code Trapper CreekAlaskaMatanuska Susitna475
99684 zip code UnalakleetAlaskaNome756
99685 zip code UnalaskaAlaskaAleutians West828
99686 zip code ValdezAlaskaValdez Cordova4043
99687 zip code WasillaAlaskaMatanuska Susitna224
99688 zip code WillowAlaskaMatanuska Susitna2091
99689 zip code YakutatAlaskaYakutat679
99690 zip code NightmuteAlaskaBethel208
99691 zip code NikolaiAlaskaYukon Koyukuk106
99692 zip code Dutch HarborAlaskaAleutians West3455
99693 zip code WhittierAlaskaValdez Cordova221
99694 zip code HoustonAlaskaMatanuska Susitna559
99695 zip code AnchorageAlaskaAnchorage35
99697 zip code KodiakAlaskaKodiak Island31
99701 zip code FairbanksAlaskaFairbanks North Star17555
99702 zip code Eielson AFBAlaskaFairbanks North Star5388
99703 zip code Fort WainwrightAlaskaFairbanks North Star7374
99704 zip code ClearAlaskaDenali216
99705 zip code North PoleAlaskaFairbanks North Star16452
99706 zip code FairbanksAlaskaFairbanks North Star-
99707 zip code FairbanksAlaskaFairbanks North Star-
99708 zip code FairbanksAlaskaFairbanks North Star-
99709 zip code FairbanksAlaskaFairbanks North Star24202
99710 zip code FairbanksAlaskaFairbanks North Star-
99711 zip code FairbanksAlaskaFairbanks North Star-
99712 zip code FairbanksAlaskaFairbanks North Star9498
99714 zip code SalchaAlaskaFairbanks North Star1092
99716 zip code Two RiversAlaskaFairbanks North Star-
99720 zip code AllakaketAlaskaYukon Koyukuk200
99721 zip code Anaktuvuk PassAlaskaNorth Slope282
99722 zip code Arctic VillageAlaskaYukon Koyukuk152
99723 zip code BarrowAlaskaNorth Slope4572
99724 zip code BeaverAlaskaYukon Koyukuk84
99725 zip code EsterAlaskaFairbanks North Star193
99726 zip code Bettles FieldAlaskaYukon Koyukuk71
99727 zip code BucklandAlaskaNorthwest Arctic406
99729 zip code CantwellAlaskaDenali245
99730 zip code CentralAlaskaYukon Koyukuk134
99732 zip code ChickenAlaskaSoutheast Fairbanks27
99733 zip code CircleAlaskaYukon Koyukuk100
99734 zip code Prudhoe BayAlaskaNorth Slope-
99736 zip code DeeringAlaskaNorthwest Arctic136
99737 zip code Delta JunctionAlaskaSoutheast Fairbanks3905
99738 zip code EagleAlaskaSoutheast Fairbanks222
99739 zip code ElimAlaskaNome313
99740 zip code Fort YukonAlaskaYukon Koyukuk623
99741 zip code GalenaAlaskaYukon Koyukuk675
99742 zip code GambellAlaskaNome649
99743 zip code HealyAlaskaDenali997
99744 zip code AndersonAlaskaDenali260
99745 zip code HughesAlaskaYukon Koyukuk78
99746 zip code HusliaAlaskaYukon Koyukuk293
99747 zip code KaktovikAlaskaNorth Slope294
99748 zip code KaltagAlaskaYukon Koyukuk230
99749 zip code KianaAlaskaNorthwest Arctic388
99750 zip code KivalinaAlaskaNorthwest Arctic377
99751 zip code KobukAlaskaNorthwest Arctic109
99752 zip code KotzebueAlaskaNorthwest Arctic3082
99753 zip code KoyukAlaskaNome297
99754 zip code KoyukukAlaskaYukon Koyukuk101
99755 zip code Denali National ParkAlaskaDenali182
99756 zip code Manley Hot SpringsAlaskaYukon Koyukuk94
99757 zip code Lake MinchuminaAlaskaYukon Koyukuk32
99758 zip code MintoAlaskaYukon Koyukuk258
99759 zip code Point LayAlaskaNorth Slope247
99760 zip code NenanaAlaskaYukon Koyukuk707
99761 zip code NoatakAlaskaNorthwest Arctic428
99762 zip code NomeAlaskaNome3906
99763 zip code NoorvikAlaskaNorthwest Arctic634
99764 zip code NorthwayAlaskaSoutheast Fairbanks323
99765 zip code NulatoAlaskaYukon Koyukuk336
99766 zip code Point HopeAlaskaNorth Slope757
99767 zip code RampartAlaskaYukon Koyukuk45
99768 zip code RubyAlaskaYukon Koyukuk188
99769 zip code SavoongaAlaskaNome643
99770 zip code SelawikAlaskaNorthwest Arctic772
99771 zip code ShaktoolikAlaskaNome230
99772 zip code ShishmarefAlaskaNome562
99773 zip code ShungnakAlaskaNorthwest Arctic256
99774 zip code Stevens VillageAlaskaYukon Koyukuk87
99775 zip code FairbanksAlaskaFairbanks North Star1061
99776 zip code TanacrossAlaskaSoutheast Fairbanks140
99777 zip code TananaAlaskaYukon Koyukuk308
99778 zip code TellerAlaskaNome268
99779 zip code TetlinAlaskaSoutheast Fairbanks117
99780 zip code TokAlaskaSoutheast Fairbanks1421
99781 zip code VenetieAlaskaYukon Koyukuk202
99782 zip code WainwrightAlaskaNorth Slope546
99783 zip code WalesAlaskaNome152
99784 zip code White MountainAlaskaNome203
99785 zip code Brevig MissionAlaskaNome276
99786 zip code AmblerAlaskaNorthwest Arctic309
99788 zip code ChalkyitsikAlaskaYukon Koyukuk83
99789 zip code NuiqsutAlaskaNorth Slope434
99790 zip code FairbanksAlaskaFairbanks North Star-
99791 zip code AtqasukAlaskaNorth Slope228
99801 zip code JuneauAlaskaJuneau28624
99802 zip code JuneauAlaskaJuneau-
99803 zip code JuneauAlaskaJuneau-
99811 zip code JuneauAlaskaJuneau-
99820 zip code AngoonAlaskaSkagway Hoonah Angoon572
99821 zip code Auke BayAlaskaJuneau-
99824 zip code DouglasAlaskaJuneau2087
99825 zip code Elfin CoveAlaskaSkagway Hoonah Angoon76
99826 zip code GustavusAlaskaSkagway Hoonah Angoon429
99827 zip code HainesAlaskaHaines2520
99829 zip code HoonahAlaskaSkagway Hoonah Angoon976
99830 zip code KakeAlaskaWrangell Petersburg710
99832 zip code PelicanAlaskaSkagway Hoonah Angoon176
99833 zip code PetersburgAlaskaWrangell Petersburg3459
99835 zip code SitkaAlaskaSitka8787
99836 zip code Port AlexanderAlaskaWrangell Petersburg-
99840 zip code SkagwayAlaskaSkagway Hoonah Angoon862
99841 zip code Tenakee SpringsAlaskaSkagway Hoonah Angoon107
99850 zip code JuneauAlaskaJuneau10
99901 zip code KetchikanAlaskaKetchikan Gateway14030
99903 zip code Meyers ChuckAlaskaPrince Wales Ketchikan24
99918 zip code Coffman CoveAlaskaPrince Wales Ketchikan230
99919 zip code Thorne BayAlaskaPrince Wales Ketchikan562
99921 zip code CraigAlaskaPrince Wales Ketchikan1906
99922 zip code HydaburgAlaskaPrince Wales Ketchikan385
99923 zip code HyderAlaskaPrince Wales Ketchikan97
99925 zip code KlawockAlaskaPrince Wales Ketchikan955
99926 zip code MetlakatlaAlaskaPrince Wales Ketchikan1447
99927 zip code Point BakerAlaskaPrince Wales Ketchikan120
99928 zip code Ward CoveAlaskaKetchikan Gateway-
99929 zip code WrangellAlaskaWrangell Petersburg2424
99950 zip code KetchikanAlaskaKetchikan Gateway36


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